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Resize Your Profile Image for Any Social Media App Free

Resize your Profile image for any social media app

In today’s generation, There are different types of Social Media Apps and Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit, etc. Almost all Internet Users uses those platform but when it comes to uploading profile photos, Cover images, posts, etc, All platform requires different types of Resolution. So, Today we bring you an AI Tool which can resize your images for all social media apps.

As I Told you there are different types of Social Media apps that require different types of resolutions to upload profile photos, images, etc. If you want to Upload photos, You need to manually resize your photos for each platform which may take your precious time. Well, we got an AI Tool that automatically resizes your photo for any social media app.

The AI Tool Name is Pixelhunter. This tool is helpful for those who are very active on Social Media and post daily for their followers. This tool is also featured on ProductHunt. This tool can make your work easy. You can easily resize your photo for each social media and upload it.

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pixelhunter - resize your profile image for any social media app

How to Resize Your Profile Image for Any Social Media App?

1 . First of all, Visit the Pixelhunter.io Website.

2. Scroll Down and Click Choose File.

3. Select your image to resize and upload.

4. Now, Scroll down and you will see resized images of your image.

5. Download the resized images and Upload them on your social media handle.

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