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How to Combine Mobile and Wifi Data to Increase Internet Speed

combine mobile and wifi data

Internet became one of the common parts of every human’s life. Everything is available on the internet like entertainment, knowledge, jobs, daily essentials, etc. But, Sometimes one form of internet suffers while doing some important work. Well, with this trick you can combine mobile and wifi data and increase your internet speed.

Internet is the most essential thing in today’s generation. You need the internet to find jobs, learn something, find friends online, Play games, live stream your skills to the public. In India Internet usage increased in the past few years. Everyone uses the internet now.

Due to Heavey’s usage of data in the same are some people face the net issue. If you are doing something important on the internet and suddenly your electricity is down or due to heavy users you are not able to use mobile data and Wifi. It may create a problem for you.

Well, there is a solution to that. You can Combine Mobile Data and Wifi Data to never face this issue. If your electricity is down, Your mobile data will be working or if your mobile internet is slow, you can use wifi data without losing any connection.

Recently, I found an app that combine mobile data and wifi data together to improve your internet speed and reduce other problems.

How to Combine Mobile and Wifi Data to increase internet speed?

1 . First of all, Visit this link and Download Speedify app.

2. Install and Open the application.

3. Tap on Agree and Continue and Skip the sign-in process.

4. Set your Wifi and Mobile data to primary and secondary.

5. Enable the Speedify button by switching the toggle (Top right).

combine mobile and wifi data to increase internet speed

6. You will get Free 2GB of data to access daily in the free version.

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