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Create your own avatars and Stickers on Facebook

Recently, Facebook rolls out a new update to Android users. It brings some improvements and new features have also been added to Facebook. Facebook rolls out a new feature. With the help of this feature, you can create your own avatars and stickers on Facebook. You can comment on your avatar stickers in Facebook posts. If you want to create your own avatars and stickers on Facebook, you can read below.

Facebook is one of the popular social media apps and websites. Here you can make friends, Post photos, Add stories, Create pages, etc. Facebook always tries to give you new features like a few months ago, Facebook brought a new Webpage experience on the website. Facebook also rolled out dark mode in Beta for iOS users.

avatars and stickers on facebook

Facebook’s new features let you create your own avatars is a very interesting and useful feature. If you have created your avatar in Snapchat, then you can easily create your own avatars and stickers on Facebook because This feature works similarly like Snapchat.

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You can customize your eyes, eyebrow, chin, Add Spectacle, add beards, change eye colors, change your skin tone, etc. You can create your own avatars that match your face. because You can customize or change almost everything from face to Outfit on Facebook.

Follow the below steps and create your own avatars and stickers.

How to Create Your Own Avatars and Stickers on Facebook?

  1. First of all, Update Facebook to the latest version.
  2. Now, Open this link – Click Here
  3. It will be redirected to the Facebook app.
  4. Click your edit button (Top right side).
  5. Now, Change or customize the face of your avatars.
  6. You can also change colors and skin tone of your created avatar.
  7. After creating an avatar, click on the done button.
  8. Now, You can do comment with your created avatar.

create your own avatars and stickers on facebook

Note: This feature is only available in the Application (Not website). You can follow us on Facebook for the latest Android Tricks, New Updates, Tech updates, etc.

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