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Run Banking and UPI Apps in Rooted Android Smartphones

Banking apps and UPI Apps are used for Money Transactions. Therefore, these apps basically won’t work on Rooted devices (UPI Apps in rooted Android). Some games also don’t work on rooted Apps. But, Still, If you want to run any bank app, UPI Based app, or any other app that won’t work on Rooted Device, Here is the Latest April 2020 trick which will allow almost all apps (hide root in Android) to run in Rooted Android devices.

Rooted Android devices open android for customizations, modifications, etc. With the Modifications in Rooted device, there is also a chance that your android device can be hacked by hackers. So, that’s the reason banking apps and UPI Apps won’t work on Rooted Android device

There are Various Banking and UPI Based apps that won’t work on Rooted Android Devices. We all know that PUBG Mobile is a popular game and most of you are a Pubg Mobile player. In a recent update, If you are playing PUBG Mobile in any rooted device, PUBG Mobile crashes or Stops working. You have to start your game again. It is because PUBG Mobile has detected that your device is rooted.

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I have tried various apps and games like PUBG Mobile, Google Pay, Phonepe, Union bank app, Winzo Games, etc. All these apps didn’t work on my rooted android. Even if you use Magisk hide, Some Apps still won’t work. You can follow this new trick (hide root in android) in your android device which will help to properly hide your android is rooted and help to run banking and UPI Apps in rooted android smartphones.

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Run any Banking and UPI Apps in Rooted Android Smartphones

  1. First of all, Install Latest Magisk and Magisk Manager App.
  2. Open Magisk manager app.
  3. Click on the hamburger menu> Magisk Hide.
  4. Select those apps to hide your root.
  5. Now, Go back and go to Settings in Magisk.
  6. Click on the option – Change App and Package Name.
  7. Enter the new name of the Magisk Manager.
  8. It will replace your Magisk manager with other package name and App Name. so, any of your apps won’t detect that your device is rooted or not.

With the Help of this trick Any app who don’t run on rooted device will not detect magisk manager and Now you can run All banking and UPI apps in rooted android smartphones.

run banking and upi apps in rooted android
App name and Package name changed

Note: You can restore your magisk manager by clicking Restore Magisk Manager Option.

I have tried this method in my Rooted android device and test UPI Apps and Banking Apps and also pubg mobile. It is working perfectly. So, You can try this trick.

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