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Game Turbo 3.0 Voice Changer in any MIUI Xiaomi phone

Game Turbo 3.0 Voice changer in any Xiaomi phone

Recently, Xiaomi launched various Flagship smartphones in China. Almost all recently launched smartphones come with Game Turbo 3.0 which improves performance and has some extra features. Xiaomi also added a New Feature Voice Changer in Game Turbo 3.0. If you are using any Xiaomi device based on MIUI 11 and MIUI 12, You can Install Game Turbo 3.0 Voice changer in any MIUI Xiaomi Device.

For now, Game Turbo is available for only smartphones which launched a few months ago. Xiaomi hasn’t given the update of Game turbo 3.0 in other Xiaomi device which have Game Turbo 2.0. In this 3.0 update, Xiaomi has added a Voice changer which looks cool.

You can use Voice changer in Games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Free Fire, etc. It will change your voice to other voices and send it to in Game. So, With the help of Game Turbo 3.0 voice changer, you can prank on your friends. Install Game Turbo 3.0 Voice changer in any MIUI Xiaomi phone.

How Game Turbo 3.0 Voice changer works?

In Game Turbo 3.0, Voice changer has various voices – Man, Women, Robot, Cartoon, etc voice. The cartoon voice looks very amazing and cute. When you enable the Voice changer in your MIUI Xiaomi phone, Your voice will be converted to any voice you selected. It will send the selected changed voice to Other inGame users when your mic is turned on.


  • Root access via Magisk – Download
  • Magisk Manager app installed.
  • Voice Changer for MIUI File – Download
  • Little Bit of Knowledge about Root.
  • MIUI 11 and MIUI 12 Based Xiaomi phone.
  • Game Turbo 2.0 must.

Install Game Turbo 3.0 Voice changer in any MIUI Xiaomi phone

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Install Game Turbo 3.0 Voice changer in any MIUI Xiaomi Phone

  1. First of all, make sure that Your Xiaomi phone is rooted via Magisk.
  2. Now, Download and Paste Voice Changer for MIUI File in your Phone storage.
  3. Open Magisk Manager app.
  4. Go to magisk Modules.
  5. Click on the Plus (+) icon.
  6. Select the Voice Changer for the MIUI file.
  7. It will flash/Install the Module on your phone.
  8. Reboot your smartphone once.
  9. Now, Open any game in which Game Turbo is installed.
  10. Open Game Turbo (left to Right Swipe)
  11. You will see a new icon of Voice changer.
  12. Click on it and Select any voice and enjoy.

I haven’t developed this Module. All the credit goes to the Developer of this File.


For now, this trick is only working with magisk root. Because This file is a Magisk module specially designed for MIUI Xiaomi device.

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