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Google’s Nearby sharing lets you transfer files at 30-40MB/s

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A few weeks ago, Google released a default sharing feature in Android Smartphones via Google Play Services updates. I have tested this new Nearby sharing feature and with the help of this feature, you can transfer files between two android smartphones at 30-40MB/s. I hope you like it.

A few weeks ago, Google Released Android 11 Officially for Pixel smartphones. It seems that Google is working hard to improve performance, Increase security in Android. Google’s nearby Sharing feature is also a part of it. It is very similar to the Apple Airdrop feature.

We have used various third party apps for file sharing, Video sharing, Audio sharing, etc. But, The maximum sharing speed is approx 7MB/s. But, this new Nearby sharing feature is way better than other third-party apps. There are various benefits of Using the Nearby Sharing features like 30-40MB/s Speed, No third party apps needed, and Easy setup guide.

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Google's Nearby Sharing - Transfer Files at 40MBps

To share files using the Nearby sharing feature you need to Turn on Three services Bluetooth, Location, and WiFi. Follow the below guide to share files between two smartphones.

Share files between two Android Phones via Nearby Sharing?

  1. Open Your Play Store and Update Google Play Services.
  2. Go to the Home page and scroll down to Open Quick Settings.
  3. Click on Edit/More Option.
  4. you will see a new QS Tiles – Nearby Sharing.
  5. Add this QS Tiles in your Quick Settings.
  6. Click on Nearby sharing and Click on Turn On button.
  7. It will automatically enable Bluetooth, Location, and WiFi (Do this on both phones).
  8. Now, Take the smartphones and open File manager.
  9. Select the file you want to share.
  10. Click on Three dots and then Share option.
  11. Scroll Down and Select Nearby Sharing.
  12. It will nearby smartphones to share files.
  13. Choose the smartphone and click on Connect on other smartphones.
  14. The Chosen files will be shared at 30-40MB/s Speed.

Note: If your device doesn’t have Nearby sharing then, you won’t be able to share files at high speed.

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