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Enable iOS 14 Back Tap Gestures in any android phone

enable ios 14 back tap gestures

Recently, Apple showcased iOS 14 and released a beta version of iOS 14. In this new iOS version, there are some major changes like App library, Picture in Picture mode, Back tap gestures, etc. Back tap gestures are one of the viral features of iOS 14. Google also brings Back tap gestures in the upcoming Android 11. If you want to enable back tap gestures in any android phone now, this article will help you.

Apple iOS 14 and Google’s Android 11 will bring back tap gestures. This new gesture is quite interesting and much useful. Like You can Take a screenshot, You can open any particular app that you use daily, You can open google assistant, etc.

With the help of this new Back tap gesture, you can not only add one action. But, You can add multiple actions which will work one by one. Like, If you double tap on back one time, You can open any app like youtube and If you double tap on back again Youtube will be switched and new app will open.

Before following the procedure, let me tell you this Trick or app is working in Android Oreo or above version devices. No matter what Android skin are you using. It is working in MIUI, Stock android, oxygen os, etc. Follow the below process and enable it.

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How to enable iOS 14 Back tap gestures in Any android phone?

  1. Download the Application form here.
  2. Install and Open the app.
  3. Click on Accessibility services.
  4. Enable Tap Tap and Go back.
  5. Now, Double-tap on the back and check if the gesture is working.
  6. If the gesture is not working, Go to the gesture option and select the Device model.
  7. select all device models in which your device is compatible with.
  8. Enjoy the Back tap gestures on your phone.

iOS 14 back tap gestures in any android

Note: You can add actions like Launching an app, launching an action, launch flashlight, launch any task, etc.

How to Add/Remove actions in Back tap gesture?

  1. Open tap tap app.
  2. Go to Actions.
  3. Click on Add actions.
  4. If you want to launch any app – Go to launch.
  5. If you want to launch any utilities – Go to Utilities.
  6. If you want to launch any action – go to action.
  7. Add your action and enjoy it.
  8. To Remove any action, Press and hold on any action and swipe down to remove button.

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How to Block back tap gestures on any specific time or action?

If you are doing a call, screen off your device, There are no need of any back tap gestures. So, You can block the gesture for that time.

Open tap tap app > Go to Gates option > Enable feature to block.

Note: This Tap Tap is in alpha stage, So This app may not work in some android devices.

Thanks for reading this article. If you found this article helpful and interesting, let me know in the comments section and also share it with your friends.

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