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Google Stadia is Now available in Play Store

Google has launched or released Stadia App in Play store. It is a Gaming App where we can play High Graphics PC games Without using any console or without downloading any game. Google’s Stadia is a Gaming Platform where you can play games across screens.

Google Stadia App Launched in Playstore

You can play games on SmartTV also using Stadia Controller (game Controller). You can play games on Desktop and laptop. In Google Stadia, The File and Apk of the Particular PC game is located on the Google Server. You can mirror the game on your screen and Play it using a stadia controller. It will help those people who don’t have high-end PC’s.

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You can download the Google Stadia Right Now from the playstore. It is supported in almost all Smartphones. But, You need a high-speed internet connection (at least 10Mbps). Google Stadia is capable to stream games in 4K at 60FPS with support for High-dynamic-range.

To access stadia on desktop or laptop, You need Google Chrome Brower to Play Video Games. There are various games that will be available or now available for Google’s Stadia. You can see in Wikipedia.

In recent news, we heard that Google may charge at least $10 (approx Rs.700) per month for their Stadia Service. In my opinion, the charge is suitable because we can play HIGH-end games in Lower end devices also.

Right Now, Google has not released Stadia Officially. Stadia app is available in Playstore. The news is coming that Stadia will release on 19th Nov 2019.

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